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What is German A1/Deutsch A1 Test?

German/Deutsch A1 is a German exam for Spouse or adults. It certifies that candidates have acquired very basic language skills and corresponds to the first level (A1) on the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

If the husband or wife are living outside Germany and Want to join their spouse in Germany, they must first demonstrate a basic proficiency of the German language prior to their departure. This is a requirement for the issue of a residency permit, which they will need to enter Germany.

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The A1 exam for German language

The exam German A1/Deutsch A1 (Start Deutsch A1) is based on the joint work of two institutions:
(1) Listening [20 minutes]: here you’ve got three parts with 15 tasks;

(2) and (3) Reading and writing [45 minutes – cca. 25 minutes for reading and cca. 20 minutes for writing]. The reading test has three parts (15 tasks). Based on what you’ve read you need to mark the statements following the text as true or false or choose between statements a and b. The writing test has two parts; in the first part you’ll read a short text on the basis of which you are asked to provide certain information by filling in 5 blank spaces in an application form (usually of a travelling agency). The second part assumes writing a letter to a friend or a formal letter to a tourist or travelling agency, hotel etc. based on three guidelines. You are asked to write down approximately six sentences (2 sentences for each guideline, circa 30 words),

(4) Speaking [cca. 15 minutes].

This test is divided into three parts. In the first part you are asked to present yourself providing information about your name, age, country where you come from, place where you live, languages that you speak, your occupation and hobbies. In the second part you are invited to speak with your partner (other student taking the exam), that is to ask and give information on certain topics. The teacher/examiner offers cards with face down and the student takes one card and reads the written word, for example, newspapers (German: Zeitung). This student has to ask two-three questions based on this word and the other student has to give answers:


A: Lesen Sie oft Zeitung? (Do you often read newspapers?)

B: Ja, ich lese oft Zeitung. Jeden tag kaufe ich Die Welt und Frankfurter Rundschau. (Yes, I often read newspapers. Every day I buy Die Welt/The World and Frankfurter Rundschau.)

A: Haben Sie heute Die Welt gekauft? (Have you bought Die Welt today?)

B: Nein, ich habe gestern Die Welt gekauft. (No, I bought Die Welt yesterday.)

Each student takes turn twice and then you’ve got the third part in which you are offered cards with pictures on the basis of which the students are asked to formulate questions and answers.

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